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January Students of the Month
Posted On:
Friday, February 12, 2016

Jeffery Hoffner (12th) and Falyn O’Brien (10th)

Jeff, a senior at OCHS, is described by his teachers as a hard working student who always tries his best in class. Aside from the classroom, Jeff is considered outgoing, polite, and always willing to help others, including assisting underclassmen and supporting his peers. Aside from students, Jeff gets along well with teachers and staff, showing respect to each and every one of them. Other teachers/staff comment that Jeff oozes with school spirit, is a “snappy dresser” and has a bright future ahead of him!


Falyn, a sophomore at OCHS, is described by her teachers as very hardworking and simply put, a fantastic student. Falyn is always willing to assist other students in class and strongly adds to the class atmosphere. Another teacher stated that Falyn is actively involved with class discussions, is always willing to assist her peers, and performs well on assessments. Overall, Falyn is conscientious, personable, and driven student!  

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