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Laurie Casteen Staff Photo
Ms.  Laurie  T  Casteen
Speech Language Pathologist
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Daily Speech and Language Homework  

I believe that homework should be geared towards a functional approach. Each student receives a folder from me at the beginning of the school year. During each speech class, I write the objective/goal that we are focusing on. The students are told that this objective/goal should be focused on outside of my class on a daily basis. Articulation skills can be improved by reading out loud from a school textbook, magazine, newspaper, and/or reading book. If the student has progressed to spontaneous speech, they are asked to converse with an adult for 10 minutes daily, who should correct any errors as they occur. This should be done on a daily basis for the development of carryover skills. Language skills can be improved while working on other classes' homework, while conversing with an adult, and in a vehicle driving to and from after school activities. Language is all around us, every day, all day.