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Please click on the following website link to access course overviews, expectations, policies, class assignments and homework.


Lab Safety Contract  

Please turn in the lab safety contract on Monday, September 9th (periods 3,5 and 6) or Tuesday, September 10th (periods 4 and 8).

Permission Slips  

Please bring your signed permission slips to class before October so that you can go outside for the physics labs!

Welcome to Science Modeling!  

Welcome to 9th grade physical science class!  At this site you can get information about what is going on in my science class at Ocean City High School.  You are going to be a part of an exciting new approach to learning called Modeling Instruction in Science.  In this approach, you will confronted with a series of situations in which you will decide what factors might be related, how you can go about measuring them, then collect data.  You will learn how to use the computer to help you graphically analyze the data and you will learn how to clearly describe the relationships you found, using a variety of representations.  You will then go on to explore how the relationships you discovered can be applied to a wide variety of new situations. 

Announcement Image for Welcome to Science Modeling!