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Tutoring Available - Illness-Vacation instructions 


The following students have volunteered to assist in tutoring fellow students for community service.  You may contact them through email and may set up meeting during community lunch or after school.  My room in A-207 or other rooms may be available. (check below)


Sebastian Fine ( Sophomore - Current Honors Student)

Let me know if anyone would like their name added to the list.

My classroom A-207 is available after school M-T-W-Th.  I am available Monday-Thursday before or after school for one on one tutoring by appointment. (just let me know)  Study groups can work in my room by appointment.

During community lunch I am available for help/tutoring on Day 1 (11:00-11:20 AM), Day 3 (11:00-11:35) and Days 2 + 4 (10:45-11:20 AM) in Room A-207.  (On day 2 before 11:00 in back room office, ask Ms. Dean, who will have a class in A-207, to let you go into back science office up  before 11:00 AM)

I am available periods 2/Period 4/Period 7 by appointment. (Email me or set up during class time.

**Any Honors/AP student in any class can see myself, or Dr. Wohlrab (in Room A-211) for after school tutoring in chemistry.  Usually on any given day one or more of us will be available after school and any students is free to join any group for  tutoring/help sessions.**

All Assignments are found on the lesson plans under file manager section.

For long term illness of vacation - Outline current chapter  and complete chapter review problems for the current chapter.  Check file manager for any uploaded review packets and for current lesson plans.

PowerPoint Presentations for all Chapters can be found in presentation folder and shared folder on classlink.