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Textbook Resources
Algebra I Textbook

Username: 2algebra2

Password: ilovemath

Algebra Symbols

If you see a symbol on a math assignment that you are unfamiliar with, this website should provide you with its meaning.

Online Graphing Calculator

App provides software similar to graphing on the TI-83/84

Video Reviews

Topics include: Properties, Solving Equations, Linear Equations, and Systems of Linear Equations

Math Resources from Discovery Education

This site offer a variety of functions to help students learn about a diverse set of math topics

This site provides a variety of tutorials and lesson plans from teachers around the world

Math Resourses by Cool Math

Tutorials and practice questions

Math Resources from MathisFun


Math resources by S.O.S. Math


Solving Single Variable Equations
Equation Games by Gamequarium

This site offers a set of games to help practice solving equations

Practice Solving Equations by IXL

This site allows you to simulate a test/quiz environment that is timed and keeps track of your success in solving each equation

Equation Solver by MyAlgebra

This site will calculate solutions to most equations. It even allows you to use math type to enter more coplicated faction bars, radicals, logs, matrices etc. (with a paid subscription they will provide detailed solutions).

Graphing Calculator Help
TI-83/84 Tutorials

Help for many of the functions in Statistics. Even has a few "How to..." video recaps.

TI-89 Silver Edition
For those of you who are using a TI-89 Silver Edition you can go here to download the PDF file of the users' manual. If you use the side tab bar you can find a category for Statistics and sub-categories within.