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Mrs.  Catherine  Georges
Science Teacher
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active and passive transport videos
active transport
video of active transport through cell membrane


passive transport

Diffusion and Osmosis
onion cell plasmolysis

osmosis simulation

Plasmolysis in Elodea

Red Blood Cells in Hypertonic Solution

Red Blood Cells in Hypotonic Solution

Red Blood Cells in Isotonic Solution

to drink or not to drink
raisins and saltwater

cell membrane video

central dogma video 10 min

central dogma youtube1

from RNA to Protein Synthesis

chromosome viewer

our common genetic code with yeast

semi-conservative DNA replication

exploring a stretch of DNA code

journey into DNA
looking at how DNA is a part of us

NOVA -Cracking the Code of Life
video clips of the documentary

protein synthesis

sickle cell video

Mitosis and Meiosis
meiosis video

mitosis video

mitosis vs meiosis
A side by side comparison of the two processes

no sound mitosis

sperm fertilizing egg

No Air
carbon dioxide in breath

carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke

lake nyos
carbon dioxide burp

the effects of carbon monoxide

alcoholic fermentation
a video from the 50s

anaerobic to aerobic life
video on early Earth

Cell Structures
cells alive
an interactive looks at cells & function

the incredible megacell

cell structure and processes
an interactive looks at cells & function

Preventing the next Pandemic

water dissolving walt
sodium and chlrosing ions dissolved by water