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We hope students and parents will find this site helpful in accessing the latest in college and career information. This site was created to augment the counseling students can obtain at Ocean City High School. Students at Ocean City High School are assigned a school counselor to assist them with academic and personal concerns. OCHS Counselors make it a point to meet with every student individually. Parents and students are encouraged to consult with their counselor on a regular basis. School counselors are trained to provide students and parents with information, suggestions and plans related to many topics including:

  • Academic planning at Ocean City High School
  • Career counseling and preparation
  • College search, selection and admission preparation
  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Maintenance of cumulative records
  • Personal counseling and referral to outside agencies
  • Testing for colleges (SAT,ACT,PSAT, Readi Step, Accu Placer), State of New Jersey (PARCC)

• And more... 


Upcoming Events

1/5/17 Four Year College Preview @ 1:30pm
1/12/17 & 1/13/17 Scheduling process begins for Freshman
1/20/17 Scheduling process begins for Sophomores
2/13/17 Scheduling process begins for Juniors
2/23/17 Community Job Fair during community lunch 
 High School Job Fair Interest Form
3/24/17 Career Day featuring "options beyond college" during community lunch
4/5/17 Cape Atlantic School Counselor Association College Fair @ Stockton University 6-8 pm
4/6/17 A Night Out with College Admission Officers @ 6:30pm in the OCHS Library


Important Financial Aid Information:

The FAFSA can be filed anytime after October 1.

You can file online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

AMTRAK Campus Visit Discount Vouchers
available on the web at the following address: http://www.campusvisit.com/

Scholarship Repayment Form
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